What and who is LovingWhisky?

LovingWhisky. A place on the world wide web where you can find many independent reviews on whisky and other distilled spirits written up by Ansgar Speller. Reviews on this website are all about recording personal experiences on sensory travels through different worlds of spirits. It is about having fun, exploring, meeting like minded people and talking about the things tasted and combinations made.

Together with Thomas as WhiskySpeller more writing and photography is done while traveling the world, visiting distilleries and lovely locations. This gives an extra opportunity to write even more about whisky, take some photos along the way and gain more knowledge on the technical details and processes of distilling. Thomas, just as Ansgar, has his own review website for recording his personal experiences. Together as a married couple, sharing a passion and writing about the combined experiences while at the same, each in their own corner of the web, taking a closer look at the distilled spirits from the places visited together. 

Just some side notes and background info about this website…

The content of this website is about distilled spirits. Please be aware of this if you are underage in your country with regards to alcohol and keep it responsible (this also applies for people that can drink alcohol legally). No binging will happen here just to get drunk, but we always want to taste the products and discover the many differences between the huge variety that is available on the market. We promote moderate and responsible drinking behaviour. 

On this website the personal, independent and honest experience of nosing and tasting of a spirit by Ansgar is written down. When the product used for the review is obtained by either buying a bottle, by receiving a sample at own request or having been sent one freely by producers, fellow bloggers or friends – it will be revealed in the review where the product came from. The unprejudiced and impartial opinion of Ansgar is given here – without demanding payment or requesting return advertisement.

The more you smell and taste, the more your senses get trained, and you set your preferences. When looking back through the years and reviews made, there were some different setups used in making notes. Learning through time and just doing it, starting with quick short notes and scoring them for own reference. Now not adding scores anymore, just giving an overall experience/feeling. The review is personal and can differ each time, situation or location. It will happen from time to time an older review is looked at again and given an update. Making the review even more complete to the experiences had with it. It is never complete. 

What started in early 2012 as an simple digital log to keep record of things tasted has grown now into something to keep exploring different flavours while satisfying the growing hunger for knowledge on the technical/science side of the manufacturing and learning more and more by each review. There are over unique 1000 notes to be found on this website, being short festival notes or longer more in depth ones, and it keeps growing! So have a look around, search through the database for reviews, connect for more whisky related activities on the different social media platforms and if you have any questions then send a message through the contact form below.